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Commercial Cleaning


At TopWorks Cleaning, it’s easy to find the right commercial cleaning service for your business. Our cleaning programs are designed around the specific sanitation and hygiene concerns of different industries. After all, if you’re operating a medical office, you have different cleaning needs than the bank next door or the car dealership across the street. No matter what type of business you run, TopWorks Cleaning has the training, experience, products, and systems for pristine cleaning and hygiene in your workplace.


Just as important, we customize our commercial cleaning services for every client. We will create a cleaning service plan designed specifically for your business. We tailor our services around the size of your workplace, the type of building you’re in, and any furnishings or equipment you need to be cleaned.


If you have concerns about scheduling or security, we’ll work with you to make sure they’re fully addressed. And if you need special services or extra attention paid to certain areas within your facility, we can build these into your service plan.

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Carpet Cleaning


TopWorks Cleaning provides prompt, friendly, and affordable Carpet Cleaning to residential and commercial properties.

Our experience, flexibility, and commitment to providing you the highest quality carpet cleaning services are exactly what you and your family needs for your carpets.


Here's how we care for your carpets:
  • Preliminary inspection of your carpets to determine the best cleaning method

  • Extra attention to all trouble spots and stains.

  • Pre-apply the cleaning shampoo to loosen deep-down dirt 

  • Rinse your carpet using a neutralized solution with hot water

  • Post-treat any residual stains

  • Post Inspection: After we finish cleaning your carpet, we review the entire job with you to make sure everything is done to your satisfaction. We also offer maintenance programs. These regularly scheduled services extend the life of your carpets as well as helping project the image that you desire.

Contact us today to learn more.


Post-Construction Cleaning


Let TopWorks Cleaning make your newly remodeled space shine!

Some contractors are notorious for the mess they leave after a construction project, but TopWorks Cleaning offers a perfect remedy for the disarray – professional janitorial services that are well-equipped to deal with construction sites ranging from new home builds to renovations and all points in between.

The key to any successful post-construction cleanup is being thorough and meticulous to remove all dirt and debris before the space is used again. At TopWorks Cleaning we know that to truly achieve a clean state, your property will need tile scrubbing, deep vacuuming, light fixture dusting, and other tasks that get even the hardest to reach areas perfectly clean.

Instead of trying to do it yourself, it's a better idea to call in the pros at TopWorks Cleaning. With experience that encompasses all types of construction projects, we'll know exactly what your location needs to start fresh with a completely clean slate.

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Cleaning the Floor

Floor Care

Different floors require different care. Following proper industry standards and techniques for stripping and waxing floors will prolong the life of your flooring, while applying the wrong products will shorten it. We've all noticed commercial floors that have been neglected. Even worse, companies who are not well versed in the proper procedures for caring for various flooring materials can create more harm than good. Call the experts at TopWorks Cleaning for beautiful, protected floor maintenance.


TopWorks Cleaning's Process for Stripping and Waxing VCT Floors

When you contact us to schedule a free consultation, we'll first take a look at the condition of your VCT tile flooring. Often, we find coats and coats of floor finish applied over dirty flooring. The result is a shiny, discolored floor.

  • First, we'll fully strip off all finish down to your VCT flooring

  • Next, the floors will be fully rinsed to remove all stripping solutions

  • Your floors will be allowed to dry. Applying finish to damp floors results in bubbling

  • 3-4 Coats of high-quality wax will be applied, with ample time in between for drying

  • The result: clean flooring with a beautiful sheen that you'll be proud to display!

When you call TopWorks Cleaning to handle your floor care, you'll receive professional service with each and every visit. We schedule appointments around your busy schedule and arrive on time. All work is coordinated so as not to disrupt your operation.

Floor care
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